SBFH 2.0

Welcome to SEED BANK FOR HUMANITY 2.0. Because we were raided in 2017 and lost our inventory, we are starting completely from scratch. Isn’t that exciting? You get to be a part of this journey.

Our goal is to return to providing incomparable service and customer support to our community. This industry needs reliability and integrity. SEED BANK FOR HUMANITY has provided it from day one.

Just look at our reviews and go back on our Instagram page to see what people have to say about our company. @SEEDBANKFORHUMANITY (

Our goal is to bring you world-class genetics without compromise and without cutting corners. This has been our mission from day one. We want to be your first choice when purchasing seeds and we want to earn your trust.

If there is any aspect of our business and our craft that can be improved, then that is what we will do. Order from SEED BANK FOR HUMANITY and you will know why we are rated number one in the industry.

Thank you to our past supporters. Thank you to our new visitors.